SilvAssist_3.07.5 CFE Contact Hours, Category 1

This class is designed to help those foresters who already have ArcGIS, TCruise, RTI, and Solo Forest (or ArcPad) get more out of their existing GIS and forest inventory systems. The NEW F4 Tech SilvAssist 3.0 toolbar for ArcGIS fully integrates all of your GIS and Forest Inventory needs so that you can now design, report, analyze, and manage your inventory spatially using ArcGIS.


Here is a list of some of the topics covered:

  1. Create a Personal Geodatabase with feature classes
  2. Prepping the Stand Layer for Plot Allocation
  3. Running the Plot Allocator in SilvAssist
  4. Spatial Overlay Tool
  5. Solo Waypoint Convertor and Solo360
  6. How to use Solo Package Files in the field for RTI data collection
  7. Scrubbing your TCruise Data before loading Plot Data
  8. Running the Plot Loader Tool
  9. SilvAssist Reporting Options
  10. Creating custom Stand, Plot, and Tree Level Summaries
  11. Stand Events Management Tool
  12. Growth & Yield Convertor Tool and FVS

Being that it is called “Advanced,” participants in this course are expected to know how to use ArcGIS, TCruise, and RTI before coming to class. The exercises will be advanced in nature so that those attending will be pushed to further their knowledge of how to setup and maintain a spatial forestry inventory management solution.

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