Load Ticketing & Reconciliation

trimble-4-loadsTrimble 4Loads


The 4Loads application consists of the 4Loads Mobile Server and a 4Loads Mobile Client (app). The Server synchronizes field data and updated information with Mobile Client applications built using the Trimble Forestry Mobile Solution Framework. The Trimble Forestry Mobile Solution Framework is used to quickly update handheld forms and drop down values, such as Mill Location or Contract ID. Combined this solution provides a powerful tool that enables visibility to all stakeholders in the supply chain.

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Trimble Forestry’s collaborative Cloud solution, CFXchange puts all fibre supply data in one place for secured, shared access. With easy load data integration, import & export, forecasting, analytic, mapping & charting tools, staff, and industry trading partners have real-time insight into all load transactions and key operational data. CFXchange brings supply chain visibility and powerful industry collaboration to your company.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports industry collaboration and right log to right mill initiatives
  • Easy deployment with a quick return on investment
  • Dashboard views of current load arrivals and samples
  • Mill managers can track yard inventory, sorts, and balances with grid views and charts
  • Chart activity by scale site, timber allocation, carriers, and suppliers
  • Easy import and export of any log load data source
  • Automated import process for any weigh scale data
  • Powerful report designer delivers reports and trading partner access to data
  • Contractors can quickly download load data and eliminate time-consuming load ticket entry payment reconciliation
  • Reduce the time needed to estimate and forecast mill demand

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