haglof-dmeThe DME instrument system from Haglöf Sweden offers speedy and reliable results for distance measuring in the forest. The DME system works with ultrasound technique, making it especially useful in dense terrain and where underbrush is thick. The built-in BAF functions are useful for point/plot sampling work. Basal Area (BAF)

The complete DME system includes the small and rugged DME measuring instrument, a transponder T3 and plot staff/monopod with adapter. The monopod with transponder is placed in the plot center, allowing the user to measure and determine the plot radius.

By placing the transponder at plot center, you are able to to quickly and accurately determine if the object is “in” the plot. By allowing you to work the plot from the outside in, your production per plot is greatly increased not to mention eliminating the error of misjudging “borderline” trees.

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