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Turn your smartphones & tablets into field data collection tools.

GeoJot+ is an annual subscription service that enables your organization to quickly capture field data on your mobile device with geotagged photos, automatically upload them to the cloud, then process them back in the office creating reports, maps and database input.

With an intuitive interface for the mobile app, seamless data transfer via the cloud, and a sophisticated engine running back in the office, GeoJot+ is both simple and powerful. Since 2001, GeoSpatial Experts has been the world-wide leader in photo mapping for business.

The Mobile App focuses on simplicity, speed, and accuracy. Create and distribute an unlimited number of field data collection forms to your field team members. Easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. Train your field team in minutes.

Add, revoke, and transfer app licenses between all your Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile 6.x devices. With GeoJot+, the apps belong to your organization, and are not tied to an individual user or a specific piece of hardware. The GeoJot+ Administrator’s Dashboard simplifies deployment and overcomes limitations of the app stores which are not optimized for enterprise use. One subscription can cover all of your needs.

Create customizable reports as well as Esri ArcGIS and Google photo maps. Using GeoJot+ Core back in the office, an administrator can edit and stage the field data, enforcing consistency and quality standards before inputting data into a backend database or creating maps and reports.

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