Haglof DP II Calipers

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The DP II is a lightweight, versatile and super efficient measuring caliper, adapted for timber measuring, log scaling, and standing tree inventory. The jaws are designed for comfortable use in narrow spaces such as timber stacks and dense tree branches. Use the Calipers SmartScale™ equipped with a remote enter button as a stand-alone unit, sending diameter data wirelessly to the terminal for storage and processing. The terminal can be mounted on the caliper or worn on the wrist making measuring in dense vegetation, trees with thick branches and branches in thick areas and where logs are stacked in piles easier.

Key features include:

  • Built-in USB communication
  • Serial RS232 communication
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in clinometer function
  • High visibility graphic display with built-in light
  • Secure data storage with industrial SD-card protected against cold, heat and impact.

Computer Terminal is included with the Caliper. Software sold separately.

Note: The Digitech Professional Caliper or the Digitech Professional Computer requires Haglöf software applications (sold separately).

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