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Haglof Management Systems and the Timber Cruise Suite

The first step is taken to turn Timber Cruise and HMS (Haglof Management Systems) into ONE complete forest system solution.
Timber Cruise has been added as a suite in the Haglof Management Systems. What advantages will this bring you? – You access the best cruising software solution available on the market. Haglof Managements Systems is a modern, dynamic system that enables you to grow. Many new functions added already,and more planned for the future.

One powerful database

In Haglof Management Systems, TCruise will store all calculated data in the Haglof Management Systems SQL database. From this database you can run all the standard reports. This solution will replace LandMark Export Module. Instead of storing data in one separate Access database you can now store all calculated data in one, powerful SQL database.

Import LandMark Export Access database files

If you have previously used the LandMark Export Module to export data to Access database, you can now import this database to the Haglof Management Systems SQL database. All data is gathered in one powerful SQL database where you also run any of the reports

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