Holux RCV-3000

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The HOLUX RCV-3000 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver is a great solution for forestry use when a high accuracy sub-meter unit isn’t required. It uses a 20 hour user-replaceable, rechargeable battery. The advanced MTK chipset can track up to 66 parallel sats and has super-fast re-acquisition time. Whether mounted on a hat, shoulder pouch, or inside the Nomad extended cap it offers excellent tracking ability under heavy tree canopy.

Included Items:

  • Holux RCV-3000 Bluetooth GPS Receiver
  • Holux Vehicle Charger

Please note: The Holux RCV-3000 does not come standard with a standard AC Charger. If you would like to purchase an AC(Wall) Charger, you will find it here.

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