Repairs & RMAs

F4 Devices Flint and Forge Repairs

F4 Tech is no longer providing support or repair services for the BAP, Flint, or Forge devices. We at LandMark Spatial Solutions have taken overall support for these devices. Due to limited parts supplies, we are not able to perform major repairs such as touchscreen or circuit board replacements. We do have batteries, chargers, stylus pens, screen protectors, and carry cases still available. We are able to perform some software support such as OS reloads. Please contact regarding your support/repair needs and we can determine if your device should be sent in for service.

Trimble Handheld Repairs

Please complete the RMA form using the link below for any hardware in need of repair or warranty replacement. The item MUST be accompanied by a copy of the completed RMA form. Please allow 7-10 business days for repairs to be made once the unit has been received unless you are informed otherwise.

Trimble RMA Form

Handheld Group Repairs

For all Handheld Group devices including the Nautiz handhelds and Algiz Tablets, please click here to access their direct Repair Request webpage. Click the Start your Repair Request button and fill out the Basic Data, Issue Information, and Invoice Address sections. You can enter LMSS in the Order Number or Reference field.


Juniper Systems and Cedar Tree Repairs

For all Juniper Systems and Cedar Tree devices, please click here to access the appropriate repair request webpage. Click the “Repairs” link under the “What can we help you with” section and then choose “Return/Repair Order Form” to begin the process.

Haglof Repairs

For all Haglof equipment repairs and service, please click here to access the Haglof RMA Form: Haglof RMA Service Request. You can also contact Haglof directly at 601-856-5119.

Laser Technology Device Repairs

For all Laser Technology device repairs, please click here to access their RMA Service Request webpage.

JANAM Repairs

For all JANAM device repairs, please click here to access the JanamCare Self-Service Repair Center.

DJI Repairs

For all DJI Drones, please click here to submit a repair request.

Samsung Tablet Repairs

For all Samsung tablet repairs, please click here to access the Samsung Repair Center.

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