silvassistSilvAssist 3.5 is a set of compelling GIS tools for managing forest inventory data, this solution helps forest managers to become more efficient by quickly providing information needed for critical business decisions. F4 Tech will offer a complimentary upgrade of version 3.5 for all SilvAssist 3.0 users.

Standard Tools

  • Plot Allocator: a flexible batch tool for creating cruise or sample grids in polygons (stands, management units, etc).
  • Plot Loader: a tool to load forest inventory tree and plot data into the geodatabase associated with stands
  • Spatial Overlay: move any attribute data from stand polygons to the plots within them
  • SilvAssist Reports: using stands, plot and tree data loaded with Plot Loader, allows creation of standard reports through Crystal Reports and Excel pivot tables. Outputs can also be generated for specific client needs by strata or stand in Excel format using client stands and plot data.
  • Events Manager: historical stand level events manager

SilvAssist 3.5 enhancements include:

  • More intuitive workflow
  • Faster performance
  • Change allocation parameters and re-run without starting over
  • Minimize allocator window to view results of allocation
  • Cancel allocation without committing plots to database


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