Technology Solutions for Forestry & Resource Management

Forest Technology Solutions from the Industries' Most Trusted Partners

For the past 15 years, LandMark Spatial Solutions has helped design, sell, train, and support technology-based solutions that have helped over 1,400 forestry and resource management companies and agencies become more competitive and profitable.

Over the years, we have formed meaningful partnerships with companies that develop rugged products that integrate with one another to form our unique solutions.

Our business goal is simple; we help companies like yours become more profitable through the use of technology.

We have developed industry-leading GPS and forest inventory solutions that help our clients minimize errors and become more ACCURATE in their acreage, tree count, tree measurements, and timber volume estimations. Our clients are more EFFICIENT in the field and office and achieve more PROFESSIONAL results at the end of the day.

Let us show you how our technology solutions can help you become more ACCURATE, EFFICIENT, and achieve more PROFESSIONAL results. Forest Technology Simplified!

LandMark Spatial Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of technology solutions from the industries’ most trusted manufacturers.

Our solutions are designed to help meet the needs of our client’s project requirements and budgets.

Among others, these business partners include the following:

  • Trimble Forestry
  • Worldwide Heuristic Solutions
  • MyTopo
  • Haglof
  • Laser Technology
  • Juniper Systems
  • Handheld
  • ESRI
  • F4 Tech
  • NEI
  • Dynamic UAV
  • Drone Deploy

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  • Johnny Thompson – Sales
  • Darian Yawn – Support
  • Mark Books – Geospatial Services
  • Steven Stuart – 4Loads/CFX

GPS & GIS Solutions

We offer the most accurate handheld GPS data collectors, external GPS receivers, and rugged windows tablets for work under the canopy. We’ve partnered with the most well-known developers in GPS software and GIS software to bring you field-ready solutions that allow our clients to collect data accurately and efficiently. Our flagship forest inventory software program – TCruise, is a powerful yet flexible inventory platform that has quickly become the industry standard.

Forest Inventory & Cruising Tools

Our solutions also include a variety of forest inventory tools including laser’s for measuring tree heights, DME’s for measuring limiting distance, and computer calipers that are adapted for timber cruising, log scaling, and standing tree inventory.

Foresters and natural resource professionals are increasingly using drones and UAVs to help manage the forest landscape which is why we are excited to offer Drone and UAV solutions including popular drone mapping Apps and desktop processing software.

Additionally, we have seen a need for laser offset solutions. By integrating a laser rangefinder, electronic compass, and GPS, a user can record both a GPS position and associated distance and direction to an object in the field. The use of laser offsets allows for easier and safer data collection in challenging environments.

Log & Stockpile Inventory Measurement

Innovative log and stockpile volume solutions are changing conventional measurement tools and methods. These log and stockpile inventory solutions are able to generate volume in a quick, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Landmark also offers a variety of logging solutions including a mobile load ticketing solution that simplifies the creation, access, and sharing of harvested timber data. Timber Pilot is another logging solution that provides a tablet display of the harvest site and shows the cutting machine in relation to tract boundaries and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Tree Positioning Solutions

Lastly, with the surge in the use of LiDAR data in forest management, there has been a need for solutions that are able to capture individual tree positions in order to ground-truth LiDar data. We offer such a solution that is accurate and efficient to employ on the ground.

All of our solutions have been and continue to be extensively tested in the field and in the office. We’re extremely proud to work with our business partners to provide forest technology solutions that give our clients accurate, efficient, and professional results.

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