We are pleased to partner with Trimble Forestry to offer you a Free Seven Day Trial to Terrain Navigator Pro – the award-winning mapping software widely used by foresters throughout the U.S. Try it free today!

TNP_LogoStart mapping in minutes – TNP makes mapping easy!

Terrain Navigator Pro is a robust mapping platform combining built-in topographic maps and aerial photos with easy-to-use mapping tools.

  • Includes topographic, aerial, satellite, and street maps of the United States –  all accessible “off the grid”
  • Add labels, marks, symbols, lines and routes to your maps
  • Measure areas and distances
  • Track colleagues and share data in near-real-time
  • Save projects to the cloud
  • Print professional quality, true-to-scale maps of any size
  • Export/Import maps in popular formats
  • Add private property lines, landowner names and parcel numbers*

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Private Land Ownership for TNP Desktop

Parcel Data on the Desktop

Terrain Navigator Pro now contains the option to show parcel boundaries on the desktop as part of a yearly parcel data subscription. The yearly parcel data subscription includes private land ownership details such as:

  • Private land boundaries polygons
  • The landowner’s name and address*
  • Assessor’s parcel number (APN)


Primary features at a glance

  • Find/Search Parcel
  • Parcel to Track
  • Parcel to Polygon
  • Parcel to Route
  • Parcel Centroid to Marker
  • Send Parcel to GPS (as track)
  • Send Parcel to GPS (as route)
  • Send Parcel Centroid to GPS (as mark)
  • Tracks, Routes, and Markers automatically sync to TNP mobile projects
Parcel Data Availability
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