Training Programs - Use of Forest Technology

Training foresters and natural resource professionals in the use of forest technology is a core foundation of our business.

We strive to offer our clients the most accurate, efficient, and professional forest technology solutions but we also want you to be successful using them. That is why we offer training classes on our solutions nearly every month and at two different locations to meet the needs of our customers. We also offer custom trainings at either your company location or a location of your choice.

We have successfully trained hundreds of foresters and natural resource professionals all over the United States. In addition to our traditional training classes, we also offer technical seminars throughout the year in order to introduce new forestry tools and software.

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Our most popular training classes include an Introduction to GPS using SOLO Forest where users learn the basics in field GPS technology. Students learn how to collect points, lines, and area features as well as how to use aerial images, create cruise grids and navigate to cruise plots using the SOLO Forest program.

Many of our clients use the industry-leading forest inventory platform, TCruise. We offer a training class that introduces students to the TCruise field and desktop program where attendees learn how to collect and process data as well as create and manage reports.

One of the most practical, yet, arguably complex tools that foresters use in ArcGIS. We offer a specialized ArcGIS training class specifically designed for field foresters. The goal of this class is to simplify ArcGIS and cover basic GIS terms and procedures for use in forestry applications.

For those users who would like to learn more advanced skills, we offer an Advanced GIS/Spatial Inventory class designed to help those foresters get the most out of their GIS and forest inventory systems.

If you’re interested in attending a training class, visit our Calendar to find a training class that best fits your schedule.

All training classes are eligible for continuing education credits through the Society of American Foresters.

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