GPS Field Software

Our GPS software solutions are designed for use on Windows mobile devices and offer users a unique set of mapping tools perfectly designed for collecting data in the field. Users can load aerial images and topographic maps, collect point, line, and area features, layout grids for inventory work, edit shapefiles, buffer polygons, and much more! Both SOLO Forest and ArcPad integrate seamlessly with our forest inventory platform, TCruise, making this our most robust, best selling mapping and inventory solution.

Windows Mobile

SOLO Forest – Best Seller!


Trimble Forestry SOLO Forest GIS mapping software offers functionality, flexibility and the latest computing technology—all in a package that’s compatible with virtually every GPS receiver and GIS file format. SOLO Forest lets you gather position and attribute data on a handheld computer such as the rugged Trimble Nomad, Trimble Recon or Trimble Ranger, or any other Windows Mobile device. Best of all, SOLO Forest provides advanced features for advanced users while remaining easy to learn and operate. Read More about SOLO ForestOur most popular GPS field mapping solution.



We recently partnered with Mason, Bruce, & Girard, to be able to provide our clients with MobileMap – an ESRI-based, cloud-based, Android-based solution. Timber cruising has never been easier! Loaded with industry-leading MBG Cruise software, MobileMap gives you command of your forest inventory program from planning to data delivery. With GIS functionality, efficient data collection, data validation, streamlined workflows, and improved information management, you can now collect quality inventory data utilizing low-cost consumer mobile devices. MobileMap contains everything you need to collect detailed forest inventory data!


Trimble TerraFlex is a cloud-based solution that provides you with the tools to streamline your data collection workflows and delivers high accuracy positioning when you need it. With TerraFlex, your entire organization becomes more efficient. Anytime, anywhere. TerraFlex includes fast, efficient geospatial data collection and allows you to import and update existing data for up-to-the-minute information. Additionally, TerraFlex offers streamlined data management to keep your data organized and directly integrates with the Esri environment.


Currently available for iPhone and Android devices, the Terrain Navigator Pro mobile app allows you to view your position, collect waypoints, track and routes, record tracks, place markers, and take photos, videos, and sound bites with your mobile device. Through Project Synchronization, markers, tracks, and geopins are automatically shared between projects that exist in the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software and the Terrain Navigator Pro mobile app. This synchronization occurs through the TNP cloud, which is one benefit of the annual subscription.


ArcGIS Field Maps by Esri is an all-in-one app that uses data-driven maps to help fieldworkers perform mobile data collection and editing, find assets and information, and report their real-time locations. ArcGIS Field Maps is the go-to field app, powered by field maps, that streamlines the critical workflows field personnel use every day. Because it is built on the ArcGIS platform, everyone—whether in the field or the office—will benefit from using the same data.

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