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Installers: Installers for ArcGIS Desktop can be found on the ESRI Customer Care Portal under My Organizations > Downloads. You will need to log in using your ESRI account.

Instructions for installing ArcGIS Desktop and activating your single-use license:

  1. Download the installation file named ArcGIS_Desktop_xx.exe from the ESRI Customer Care Portal under My Organizations > Downloads. This file is large (around 800MB), so it may take some time for the download to complete.
  2. Once the download is complete, double-click on the install file (named something like ArcGIS_Desktop_xx.exe) and extract it. You’ll then be prompted to choose a folder on your PC into which the installation package will be saved.
  3. Launch the file named setup.exe from the newly created ArcGIS 10.x > Desktop folder if the installer program did not launch automatically. Follow the instructions in the install wizard.
  4. When the installation is completed, the registration manager should launch automatically. If it does not, you can manually launch it by clicking Start Menu > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. Upon entering the registration process, the wizard will instruct you to select a product, choose ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (ArcView) Single Use, and click Authorize Now.
  5. The Software Authorization Wizard guides you through the rest of the authorization process.
  6. Check I have installed my software and need to authorize it for the authorization option and click Next.
  7. Check Authorize with Esri using the Internet for the authorization method and click Next.
  8. Complete the required fields for the authorization information by clicking Next on both pages.
  9. Enter the software authorization number you have been provided by email and click Next. (the single-use registration code should begin with the letters ESU
  10. Check I do not wish to authorize any extensions.

You are now authorized for use.

Description: The LMSS EZ-Plot toolbar is a simple but powerful plot allocator/cruise plot generator for ArcGIS Desktop. Select the polygons where you need plots and then enter your desired grid parameters. It really is that easy! Grid points can be output to a shapefile or feature class and then converted to SoloForest waypoint format. Click here for a full description and functionality list.

Compatibility: Works with all builds of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) 10.0 – 10.8.x and Windows 7 - 11. ArcGIS Pro version coming soon!

Install Procedures:

  1. Close ArcMap.
  2. Download the installer: LMSS EZ Plot Toolbar Install for ArcGIS 10.x
  3. Run the installer named LMSS_EZ_Plot_10x.exe.
  4. Follow these instructions to complete setup and to register:  LMSS EZ Plot Install Procedures

EZ-Plot Tutorials/User Guide: LMSS_EZ Plot Manual.pdf

Description: The LMSS EZ-Plot toolbar for ArcGIS Pro is a simple but powerful cruise plot allocator for ArcGIS Pro. Select the polygons where you need plots and then enter your desired grid parameters or have EZ Plot read the grid parameters from your Stands Polygon attribute table. It really is that easy! Grid points can be output to shapefile or geodatabase feature class. Plots can also be converted to SOLO Forest waypoint format.

Compatibility: Works with all builds of ArcGIS Pro 3.x and newer.

Install and Licensing Procedures:

  1. Submit an email to with the subject line EZ Plot for ArcGIS Pro License Request for ______(your name & Company). In your email please include:
    •  Your name - or the actual user (licenses are issued per user)
    • Company
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email  address
    • Your ArcGIS User Name - (licenses are linked to your user name)
    • Reason for request: New Purchase, re-authorization, Demo, etc. 

    You'll receive an email response from LandMark Support usually within one business day with a license key code and the EZ Plot for ArcGIS Pro Add-In file.

  2. Save the EZ Plot for ArcGIS Pro Add-In from the LandMark Support email to your PC and then double click on it > choose Install Add-In. You should then see a message verifying the install was successful, click OK. 
  3. Launch ArcGIS Pro and open a project. Click the Project menu > Licensing and check the Enabled Box next to EZ Plot ExtensionConfig Add-in as shown below:  Enter the License Key from the LandMark Support email in the License Key field and click Authorize button. When completed, click the back button to return to the map screen. 
  4. You should now see the EZ Plot Tools menu in ArcGIS Pro. When this menu is selected, the three EZ plot tools will be available for use.  For simple plot allocation, select polygon features for plot allocation and click the Plot Layout Tool. Adjust grid parameters starting at the top of the dialog window and work down.  Waypoint Convertor Tool is useful for plot conversion to SOLO Forest waypoint format (.way).  Import Stand ID's tool can be used to import Stand Attributes into the Plot points that are inside each stand polygon. See the EZ Plot for ArcGIS Pro videos on the > Support > Video webpage for demonstrations of the functionality.

SilvAssist for ArcGIS Desktop is no longer supported.

F4 Tech ended support, development, and bug fixes on all versions of SilvAssist for ArcGIS Desktop several years ago.   If you have purchased a SilvAssist you may continue to use it but be aware that future Windows or ArcGIS updates could break it.

LMSS has worked to duplicate most of the reporting functionality of SilvAssist within TCruise Desktop by way of the Excel reporting module.  Plot allocation functionality has also been replicated in our EZ Plot toolbar for ArcGIS.

Contact us for more info.

Description: SOLO Forest from Trimble Forestry is the mobile GIS mapping software designed specifically for forestry applications. Easily collect point, line, and polygon features, load shapefile or aerial base maps, generate cruise grids in the field, and more! GPS data from SOLO can be exported directly from the handheld device in shapefile format and imported into most desktop GIS applications. SOLO can also be integrated with TCruise for a very powerful forest inventory data collection solution. More info on SOLO can be found here.

Compatibility: SOLO Forest is compatible with handheld devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 – 6.5 or PocketPC 2003. (See the installer section below for recommended installers for various handheld models.) There is also a version for Windows tablets running Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Install and Update Procedures:

  1. To install SOLO Forest, download the appropriate SOLO Forest CAB file installer to your PC using the links in the next section below.
  2. Copy the .CAB file from your PC over to the Program Files folder on your handheld device.
  3. Open File Explorer on the handheld device and navigate to the Program Files folder.
  4. Double tap on the CAB file to install the program. Follow the onscreen instructions. If you already have an earlier version of SOLO Forest installed, the new installer will automatically uninstall the previous version.
  5. If you have just updated SOLO Forest and you also have RTI installed, be sure that RTI is still available under the Tools > More menu option. If not, you will need to re-install RTI using the link named RTI for SoloForest in the RTI (Real-Time Inventory) Installers section of this webpage.

SOLO Forest Installers: See install instructions above.

  • SOLO Forest WM6.CAB – Latest version for all Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5 devices with VGA (480 x 640) or better displays, including:
    • Trimble Nomad, Juno, Geo, Ranger 3
    • F4 Devices Forge and Flint, (NOT BAP S Series)
    • Handhelds Nautiz X8
    • Juniper Systems Archer 2
  • SOLO Forest 4.0.7 WM5.CAB – for BAP S Series and other Windows Mobile Devices with lower resolution displays (QVGA displays with 240 x 320 pixels).
  • SOLO Forest 4.0.7 Landscape.CAB – For Windows Mobile Devices with Landscape oriented QVGA displays such as Trimble Ranger X.
  • SOLO Forest 4.0.7 PocketPC Recon.CAB – For older Trimble/TDS Recon units with PocketPC OS.
  • SOLO Forest for PC Install.msi – Installer for Tablet PC’s running Windows 7, 8, or 10. Download the .msi file from the link to the machine and double click to install.

Registration procedures:

  1. If you are updating SOLO Forest on your handheld device and previously had version 4.0 or newer installed, you will not have to re-registration the software.
  2. If you are performing a new install, please open the program when the install is complete and choose Register. Use the Handheld Software Registration Request Form link below to supply the SOLO Software and Hardware S/N’s.

Handheld Software Registration Code Request Form

License transfer instructions:

Trimble does allow users to transfer SOLO Forest licenses. Each SOLO license purchased allows the owner to use and register the software on one device. Users will need to uninstall SOLO Forest from their old device before the program can be registered on the new device. Please contact LandMark Support at 866-395-5440 x2 so we can assist you and submit the request for license transfer.

SOLO Forest Feature Files – sample feature files (feature lists) for GPS data collection:

SOLO Forest Custom Zone files – allows SOLO to work with custom coordinate systems such as Albers and Mississippi Transverse Mercator (MSTM).

User Guide:

More manuals and instructional materials in the Manuals section.

Description: SOLO Office FE (Forestry Edition) is an optional desktop companion for SOLO Forest. This program is primarily designed for project managers who need to create complex projects to deploy to field users with SOLO Forest

Key Features include:

  • Creating custom Feature Files to use as field data collection templates
  • Creating custom Zone files for custom coordinate systems
  • Preparing basemaps and raster images for field use.
  • Crop raster images and convert to compressed Solo Image File (.SIF) format.
  • Creating Waypoint files for navigation
  • Creating Solo package files for deploying complex projects in a single extracting file
  • Transferring files between your data collector and your desktop PC
  • Viewing and editing collected data, base maps, and raster images
  • Printing your projects
  • Exporting data in several GIS and CAD formats

SOLO Office must be purchased separately and requires a separate registration.

Compatibility – SOLO Office FE is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Installer: SOLO Office FE Install.msi – Download the install file to your PC and double-click to install.

Registration procedures:

  1. If you are updating SOLO Office FE on your PC and previously had version 4.0 or newer installed, you will not have to re-registration the software.
  2. If you are performing a new install, please open the program when the installation is complete and choose Register. Use the Desktop Software Registration Request Form link below to supply the SOLO Software and Hardware S/N’s.

Desktop Software Registration Code Request Form

User Guide: SOLO Office FE User Guide

Description: TCruise Desktop Pro is a full-featured forest inventory software solution developed by Worldwide Heuristic Solutions. The program can utilize the most common inventory sampling methods and report in a variety of volume units. TCruise comes with nearly 500 internal volume functions and can also accommodate user-defined volume tables and equations. There are various reporting modules the program can feed via database export. TCruise can also be customized by the developer to meet individual customer needs for special reporting, exports, or processing. Users may update older versions of TCruise Desktop to the latest version at no charge. It is recommended that the mobile (field) version of TCruise be updated at the same time as the Desktop version to prevent compatibility issues. Updating TCruise for Mobile Devices is also free for existing users and will not require re-registration.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 - Windows 11.

TCruise Desktop Install and Update Procedures:

1. Download the latest installer by right clicking on this link: TCruise Desktop Pro and choose Save Link as… or Save Target As… Choose the Downloads folder on your PC as the destination. If a security application attempts to prevent this installer from downloading, simply click the Allow Download or Keep option.

2. Run the installer file named TCruiseSetup.exe. You may need admin privileges to install this application. The install wizard should guide you thru the install process. The first prompt will be to accept the terms and conditions. Choose Next, I accept the license agreement, Next, Next, etc. and then Finish to complete the install.

3. Register TCruise - New installs and of TCruise will require registration as will transfers of the software to a new PC. Each PC will need a unique set of registration and keys codes based on the TCruise Product Identification Code; you cannot re-use codes generated for another PC.

  • Open the TCruise program using the desktop shortcut. If an IT administrator has installed TCruise for you, you may not find a desktop or start menu shortcut for TCruise. If this is the case, open the File Explorer app on your PC and navigate to the C:\Program Files\Heuristic Solutions Applications\Timber Cruise folder and find the file inside named TCruise.exe. Right click on the file TCruise.exe and choose Send to > Desktop Create Shortcut. The shortcut should then be available to you on the Desktop.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Find the 8 character TCruise ProductID that is displayed after you are prompted to register. It should look like the pic below.
  • Use this link to the Desktop Software Request Form to provide the TCruise Product ID and to submit your code request to LandMark Spatial Solutions. Be sure to include info in the notes if you also need to register options modules such as TCruise Excel Reports, Database Export, TCruise Pro Toolbar, or Enterprise Import for Inventory Manager.

TCruise Pro Optional Modules - $300/module/user
1. Pro toolbar with the following functions:

  • Sample size estimator - designed for stratified, multi stand cruises to help users determine samples needed to meet defined allowable error requirements based cruise method, stand size, and standard deviation estimates for each stand/strata.
  • Plot allocator - creates cruise grid based on several allocation types for single stands. Batch allocation is also possible when parameters are defined in the stand/strata shapefile. Sample size for each stand can also be estimated based on CV, cruise method, and stand/strata area.
  • Overlay tool - this tool can apply stand/strata ID's by loading in a projected polygon shapefile that overlays the plots. The polygon shapefile must contain a StandID or StrataID field (text) along with an Acres field. Cruise plots must have a Lat-Long coordinate assigned which is automatically applied when using RTI or the GPS capture button in TCruise for Mobile Devices. This tool can also automate the entry of Stand/Stratum land area in TCruise Desktop Pro.

2. Excel-based reporting - 20+ Excel worksheets with a variety of standard report types and tables for analysis or for joining to GIS layers. To implement the new reports, users will need to make a few minor updates to their existing templates and TCD files.  Detailed instructions for these updates are here.

User Guides: See the manuals section of our website.

Sample TCruise Templates: The templates below should be good starting points for creating your own custom template. Note that you will probably need to edit the cruise method, species, products, and merch specs to make them useful for your local area. Save the desired files to your My Documents > TCruisePC folder on your PC. Call for assistance or read through the Templates section of our online manual in the Manuals section of your website.

Sample Cruise Data: The sample data sets below can help users practice processing cruises. Follow the instructions in the document link below.

Cruise Processing using TCruise Desktop

Description: TCruiseMobile is the field version of TCruise.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Windows Mobile operating systems including Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 5.0 -6.5. The Tablet version is compatible with Juniper Systems Mesa Tablet running Windows 10 or 11. Other Windows tablets may be compatible but have not been tested.

TCruise Mobile Install and Update Procedures:
1. Download the appropriate installer:

  •  TCruise WinMobile Installer CAB Latest build of TCruise Pro for all Windows Mobile Devices (Recon, Nomad, Juno T41, BAP, Flint, Forge, Archer 2, Allegro, Nautiz X8, JANAM XM5, etc.)
    • Download the CAB file installer by right clicking on the link above and choose Save Link as… or Save Target As…   Choose the Downloads folder on your PC as the destination.
    • Transfer the downloaded file named  TCWinCE.CAB to the Program Files folder on your Windows Mobile Device.
    • Launch File Explorer app on the Windows Mobile handheld device and navigate to the Program Files folder.
    • Double tap on the file named TCWinCE.CAB to install or update the program and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • TCruise Mobile Tablet - TCruise for Windows Tablet - full Windows 10 or 11.
    • Download the installer (link above) to your tablet or download to a PC and transfer to tablet via USB Flash drive.
    • Double click on the install file named TCMobileTabletSetup.exe to begin the install.
    • Follow the instructions in the install wizard.

2. Register TCruise:

  • Launch TCruise on the handheld using the Start Menu.
  • You should be prompted to register when the program opens.
  • Note the TCruise Product ID displayed on the registration screen. Enter this ID and other pertinent info in the Handheld Software Registration Request form.

User Guide: See TCruise manual in the manuals section of our website.

Sales and support of the LandMark Custom Reports for TCruise have been discontinued due to compatibility issues with newer versions of Microsoft Office and Windows 10 security.  The enhanced reporting functionality is now handled in the TCruise Excel Standard Reports which should be used as a replacement.

Description: The Haglof Management Systems/Timber Cruise Suite is a data management, licensing, and reporting application based on a Microsoft SQL Server platform. A flash drive with a license file is included with purchase so users can easily install and use the application on multiple PC’s as long as the flash drive is inserted. Most users will benefit from the enhanced Crystal reporting module for TCruise. There is even a map module for users who only need a basic GIS Mapping application.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 -11.

Installers: see the HMS Install Procedures link below for specific install procedures for each of these applications.

  1. SQL Express 2012 64 bitDownload and install.
  2. HMS Timber Cruise Suite– Download and install.
  3. TCruise Desktop Pro This installs and updates TCruise Desktop.

HMS Initial Setup: HMS Install Guide:HMS Timber Cruise Suite Install Procedures.pdf

HMS TCruise Suite Initial Setup

User Guide: HMS Timber Cruise Suite User Guide

RTI for SOLO Forest

Description: RTI for SOLO Forest allows interaction and data transfer in the field with TCruise WinCE. These custom scripts push StratumID, PlotID, and location to the TCruise Plot Info screen and also records how the plot was visited for security purposes. Other features allow users to randomly audit visited plots and create new plots to substitute for ones that could not be visited.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Windows Mobile operating systems including Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 5.0 -6.5.


Install and registration instructions: Connect your handheld to your PC via Windows Mobile Device Center and run the installer from the link above. You will be prompted to register by entering a Reg and Keycode. Contact LandMark Support by phone, email, or using the Software Code Request form and provide the RTI Product ID displayed on the registration screen.

RTI for ArcPad

Description: RTI for ArcPad allows users to share data with TCruise WinCE in the field. The custom ArcPad RTI toolbar allows users to pick plots to navigate to and transfers location, Stratum ID, PlotID, location, time on plot, and plot status once the plot is visited.

Compatibility: Compatible with Windows Mobile operating systems 5.0 -6.5. Users must have ArcPad 10.0 Build 55 pre-installed on their handheld and on the desktop PC.

Installers and Setup Instructions: ArcPad_and_RTI Save the zipped file to your PC, extract and then open the enclosed file named 1_ArcPad RTI Installation and Registration Guide.pdf for detailed instructions.

Description: Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) is powerful and easy to use desktop and mobile mapping software that contains high-resolution scans of USGS topographic maps, current aerial photographs, street layer, and even private parcel data as an option. These maps and photos can be customized with labels, marks, symbols, lines, routes, tracks, area fills, GIS data sets, and notes. Once you have finished designing your custom maps, use the built-in printing and publishing to create digital and paper prints with text, logos, inset maps, legends, etc. Layers, maps, and photos can be exported for use in SOLO Forest or other mobile GIS applications.

There is also a TNP mobile app that allows users to collect markers, tracks, and geo-stamped photos in the field, and then sync all the GPS data into the Terrain Navigator Pro office software. Click here for more details or call us at 866-395-5440 for a demo and pricing information.

Compatibility: Windows 7-11 for Desktop application and iOS and Android smartphones for Mobile app.

Installer: TNP installers and datasets are shipped directly to users.

Description: Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is the utility used to connect Windows Handheld devices to PC’s for data transfer. In spite of what you might read online about Microsoft not supporting this application any longer, it does still work for most users using the procedures below.

Windows Mobile Device Center install Procedures:

1. Enable .NET 3.5 Framework on the PC.

  1. Open Control Panel on your PC by typing Control Panel in the Search box next to the Start Menu.
  2. Once in Control Panel, click the View by Dropdown and choose Large Icons as shown here:
    Next, click Programs and Features category:
  3. Once in Programs and Features, click the Turn Windows Features On or OFF button in the upper left corner:
    It will take a few seconds for list of features to be populated. Expand the item .NET Framework 3.5 by clicking the + button to the left. Be sure both items indented underneath are checked as shown below. Ok out when done here.

2. Download Windows Mobile Device Center Helper and Windows Mobile Device Center.

  1. Right click on this link WMDC Helper  and choose Save Link as… or Save Target As…   Choose the Downloads folder on your PC as the destination.
  2.  Right click on this link Windows Mobile Device Center for 64 bit PC’s and choose Save Link as… or Save Target As…   Choose the Downloads folder on your PC as the destination.

3. Run the install files:

  1. Open File Explorer on your PC and navigate to your Downloads folder.  You should see the files named WMDC-Helper.exe. And drvupdate-amd64.exe.
  2. Right click on WMDC-Helper.exe first and choose Run as Administrator.  You will be prompted by a security message to allow this application to make changes… Click Yes or Allow.  Next, you will see a message prompting you to restart your PC.  Go ahead and restart your PC now.
  3. After the PC has rebooted, open File Explorer and go to your Downloads folder and find drvupdate-amd64.exe and Right Click and choose Run as Administrator.  Follow instructions during install.
  4. Launch Windows Mobile Device Center from the Start menu and be sure it completely opens and states that the device is not connected as shown here:

4. Connect the handheld via the USB cable. Allow about one minute to see if the device will connect. Always choose Connect without setting up device. From there you can explore the device and copy files back and forth form device to PC.

If your device will not connect, disconnect the cable from the mobile device and close Windows Mobile Device Center. Try these steps:

  1. Adjust the USB to PC setting on handheld:
    • On the handheld, click Start menu > Settings > Connections > USB to PC.
    • Change the Enable advanced network functionality setting from the current assignment and then OK back out.
    • Open Windows Mobile Device Center on the PC and reconnect the handheld via the USB cable.
    • Allow one minute or so to see it will make a connection.  If not, go back to the USB to PC page and undo the setting change you recently made and then OK back out.  Proceed to the next step.
  2.  Disable your antivirus/firewall application. Try temporarily disabling your firewall and then open Windows Mobile Device Center and connect the handheld device. Some Firewall applications like McAfee will not allow USB connections via Windows Mobile Device Center and must be paused to allow connection. Other apps will allow programs like Windows Mobile Device Center to be set as an exception. We cannot supply directions for all of the many firewall apps on the market so you will need to find out which Firewall application your PC is using and then search for a way to temporarily disable it or set an exception for Windows Mobile Device Center.

Alternative ways to transfer data to your PC:

  1. USB Flash Drive - Several Windows Mobile devices have USB flash drive ports. Just plug a flash drive in and copy files to it and then move the flash drive to a PC and transfer to the folder of your choice. When a flash drive is plugged into ta Windows Mobile device, it usually is shown in File Explorer as a folder named Hard Disk.
  2.  Other devices such as BAP, Flint, Forge, Trimble Juno off accessory USB OTG cables that allow the connection of a flash drive.
  3. Bluetooth file transfer via WMDC. Here is a video tutoriallink: -
  4. Mobile Connect by Juniper Systems - Juniper Systems has created an alternative to Windows Mobile Device Center for file transfer called Mobile Connect.  This app is $20 per license per mobile device and has a 7 day trial period so you can try before purchase.
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