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lti-log-deck-volumeLog Deck Volume Solution


LTI’s Log Deck Volume Solution is a much-needed resolution that instantly generates the deck length and area as well as calculates the MBF for specified log species and diameters. Conventional measurement tools and methods just weren’t “cutting” it anymore as they could not address real-world problems efficiently. Dealing with an ever-changing mountain of log inventory stacked with extremely narrow spaces in between were becoming too difficult and hard to get accurate measurements. LTI recognized the challenges that mill operators were faced with, which is why this Log Deck Volume Solution was developed.

Simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations will guide users through the process of producing accurate and repeatable results; while the option of choosing between five different survey methods ensure users can pick the one that is best suited for the environment. Integrating with Laser Technology’s Impulse/MapStar System and/or TruPulse lasers, Log Deck Volume Solution software provides streamlined, cost-effective, efficient and safer laser measurements while out in the field.

How Log Deck Volume Solution Measures Up:

  • Takes just one person to operate
  • Track “just in time” inventory as it comes in and out
  • Instantly generate a deck length and area
  • Calculate MBF for specified log species & diameters
  • Get accurate and repeatable results

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Mapsmart-With-VolumeMapSmart Volume for Android


Measuring stockpile volume using Landmark Spatial Solutions Stockpile Inventory Solution is by far the quickest, safest, and one of the most cost-effective methods available. The LMS Solution employs reflectorless laser technology in the form of a TruPulse 360B electronic rangefinder and compass manufactured by LaserTech International (LTI). Whether it’s aggregate, coal, wood chips, asphalt, or anything else in your inventory, this system has the ability to accurately measure almost any surface without the need for a reflector and the additional crew member required to hold it.

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Face-Profiler-Interactive-InterfaceLTI Face Profiler for Android

LTI’s Face Profiler app combined with a professional TruPulse or Impulse laser range finder creates a complete profiling system designed to help maximize safety, manage inventory, and control costs – for less money than any other laser profiling package on the market. Face Profiler runs on most Android smartphones or tablets and sports an intuitive workflow that makes it easy to quickly shoot a profile. Calculation adjustments can also be made on the spot through the interactive interface, allowing for more accurate numbers. The Face Profiler app allows you to review profile data in three different ways: Coordinate Table, Shot Table, or XY Map. A variety of report formats allows you to generate and export results to a computer for further analysis and charting and graphing.

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